Sea Odyssey

Creation 2012

The Sea of Liverpool has swallowed up so many sailors, travellers and adventurers that you would think it was a cannibal.

Icebergs are boat hunters and Liverpudlians are huge children with eyes full of hope and rebellion. For the unsinkable Titanic, her first voyage was also to be her last.

But let's move right away to the story of one stowaway: loaded onboard during the night, unnoticed - a thirty foot tall Giant capable of travelling through time, on his way to another continent to meet his daughter, the Little Giant.

Giants don’t grow old, don’t grow up, they just stay the age they are for eternity – that is, if they don’t die.

Disaster struck in the Atlantic Ocean; everyone knows the details of the accident. The ocean liner was the pride of Liverpool, and many different Liverpudlian tradesmen were recruited, mainly to maintain the ship and to look after the passengers.

But let’s return to our gigantic passenger trapped in one of the holds. He feels the full force of the iceberg’s blade. The sea rushes into the ship so fiercely that he is unable to move.

He is a prisoner and plummets 12 000 feet with the Titanic. We believe that, knowing he would soon die, he took his last underwater lift ride before coming to rest in a cloud of dust on the ocean bed.

Above, petrified with fear, survivors hoped for miracles – some were rescued, that too is known -

When the Little Giant heard the news, she sought out her uncle, the Great Giant’s brother. While listening to her, the uncle made a decision that was to take him a century to carry out.

First, he would make himself a diving suit. Then he would scour the ocean floor for the shipwreck. After that, he would bury his brother in the deep-sea bed. Most importantly, he would come back with the letter the Great Giant had written to the Little Giant Girl. This is why he walked for many long years across the ocean floor, pulling the Titanic’s mail trunk to bring back the post to Liverpool.

Such tragedies do not affect the Little Giant’s morale who bravely decided to come to the reunion.

While reading magazines before leaving, she discovered that there are another two famed legends in Liverpool – The Beatles music, and the sheer madness for football of the rebel City.

Before setting up her first camp in Stanley Park, between the two football stadiums north of the city, she decides she will go on a cruise through the town on a road-sailing boat. A few hours before her arrival, as if by magic, a geyser shoots up from the ground in the city centre, to herald her arrival.

© Jean-Luc Courcoult, Author and director - Founder of the company Royal de Luxe

L'Odyssée de la mer-extrait revue de presse

The post – 19/04/2012 – Laura Davis

« At least 250,000 people are forecast to attend the city’s biggest ever outdoor event, which begins with a 30ft little girl giant waking up in Stanley Park […]. »


Presse Océan – 22/04/2012 – Stéphane Pajot

« So beautiful. ‘C’est comme Noël pour Liverpool. C’est simplement fantastique.’  Visiblement fatiguée mais tellement heureuse d’être là, Claire McColgan, directrice de la culture, a du mal à contenir son émotion et à trouver ses mots. »

« […] Claire McColgan ajoute ‘ qu’émotionnellement on retrouve les grandes heures du foot et le passage, récent, de deux enfants du pays, Ringo Starr et Paul McCartney.’  Des Beatles aux Géants, la belle image. »


Libération – 24/04/2012 – Gilles Renault

« Un miracle climatique s’est produit vendredi matin sur Liverpool. Alors que la carte météo du Royaume-Uni annonçait pour l’ensemble du territoire un ciel strié d’averses, si uniformément gris qu’il ne laissait aucun espoir de rémission, c’est sous un soleil dénué d’équivoque que la Petite Géante a ouvert les yeux. »

« De vendredi à dimanche, des centaines de milliers de curieux ont ainsi escorté l’Odyssée de la mer, dernière création de Royal de Luxe, la compagnie la plus célèbre au monde dans le registre du théâtre de rue. »