The Invitation

Creation 2010

The first time the sun rose in Chile, two phenomena occurred: first, a light fell from the sky, then black with a broken circle in it that painters have described as a street lamp that looks like the moon.

And then life got complicated.

Drawing pins planted on a blackboard drew the zodiac signs and with that came the idea of infinity.

That’s where the Little Girl-Giant and her uncle, the deep-sea diver, come from, walking along the ocean floor. They and other Giants cross the universes. They never grow old.

When the time of the Bicentenary of Independence rang, the people of Chile invited the two Giants to a great celebration.

Upon arrival in Santiago, the earth saluted them in the form of a geyser spouted from the ground. The Little Girl-Giant, in turn, summoned the people to picnic at Parque O'Higgins. Then she took her floating boat along the streets in search of her uncle and to attend her own invitation.


©  Jean-Luc Courcoult Author and director - Founder of the company Royal de Luxe

The Invitation Chile - Selection of the press review

La segunda – 29/01/2009 - Ximena Veas / Jessica Cerda

« La Pequeña Gigante despertó y revolucionó Santiago. »


La Cuarta – 14/07/2009

«La ‘Pequeña Gigante’, la marioneta XXXL, de 7 metros, que el año 2007 recorrió las calles de Santiago reuniendo a miles de personas a sus paso, volverá a aplanar el pavimento por la capital, y esta vez con grandes novedades. »