"The knight of lost time"

Upcoming show: 29, 30 September and 1st October 2017

"In this time of grace in September 2017, and by the incredible conjugation of a particular alignment of stars in space, astronomers from all over the world saw a shower of meteorites rushing to Earth.

Although it was impossible to distinguish either the matter or the size of these projectiles launched at the speed of light, they nevertheless found, with an infinitely small margin of error, their trajectory and the point of impact which they established at latitude 46 ° 12 and longitude 6 ° 05.

The city's Mayor, pointing his finger at the map on the desk, was moved by an intergalactic shudder - it was Geneva ...

Four or five elements were heading towards the center of the municipality!

By chance, a phone call warned him that the clock at the museum of watchmaking, activated by the largest pendulum of the world, had stopped a few seconds as had all the Swiss watches.

Happily, a few seconds later, everything was back in order, but the whole country had lost a little time.

Fortunately, the world's greatest scientists, gathered at the Geneva research center and working on the acceleration of the particles of the Higgs boson, discovered through ancient writings the possible existence of Giants living behind the Planck wall, before the Big Bang.

After two weeks of intense reflection, here is their report:


          1. We now have the certainty that a giant Grandmother

           will appear in the city.

           Exact location: Bâtiment des Forces Motrices.

           She will take two days to wake up

           her body moving faster than her soul.


         2. It will be accompanied by a safe with memory

          containing all the big and small stories of the city.

          This giant grandmother is endowed with the power of speech:

          although incomprehensible to us, a group of Lilliputians

          will be able to translate what she says.


          3. A Little Girl Giant, travelling in a container dumped into the cosmos, floating

          like a rocket, will violently strike the ground of Geneva.

          Exact location: city of Carouge.

          Other elements are likely to hit

          the theater of the same name.


          4. A giant pot, piloted by the armoured  knight of time lost,

           will land on Lake Geneva,

          floating along with the current.


          5 Some hallucinatory beliefs will testify that even Gargantua dropped his fork,

          planted in a car in the space of Meyrin.


This annoying phenomenon will not exceed three or four days.

It is strongly recommended that the population respect the safety perimeter of approximately 500 meters near the impacts. At the present time, it is impossible to measure the poetic contamination of these explosions.

Think of your children!

Imagine the psychological warping these particular phenomena could cause in their dreams of lost time.

Time is too serious a notion to leave to just anyone!

In the end, and by decision, the mayor, in the face of the municipal council, decided to ignore this ill-advised advice, allowing free will to fly in the consciousness of the inhabitants cradled by the unknown."


© Jean-Luc Courcoult Author-Director - Founder of the Compagnie Royal de Luxe