The Peplum

Creation 1995

This is an epic drama. The show begins with a theater curtain burning and ends with a piano being catapulted. The point is not to oppose drama and films but about a narrative shared equally by both.

The action takes place in Egypt over 2000 years ago, where three civilizations -Egyptian, Greek, and Roman - overlap. At that time, drama is being invented.

From the very beginning, films are large audience shows, and it takes hold of civilizations and their myths, and invents the epic.

Two brothers, heirs to the double crown of Egypt, are engaged in eternal battles, leading to violence and hatred between the people. This destructive passion will eventually lead to the sacrifice of the love both share for their sister. In Egypt, women represented divine blood. It was common for a pharaoh to marry his sister, daughter or mother.

This epic is cradled between our fascination for the ancient world and a distorted view made popular in Hollywood during the heyday of the 50s.


© Jean-Luc Courcoult Author and director - Founder of the company Royal de Luxe

The Peplum - Selection of the press review

Le Nouvel Observateur – 29/06-05/07/1995 – Odile Quirot

« ‘Peplum’ ? C’est l’événement théâtral de l’été ! Un voyage agité et hilarant au pays des pharaons revu par Hollywood. La nouvelle création d’une troupe turbulente et généreuse qui triomphe dans le monde entier. »


Gala – 29/06-05/07/1995 – Jean-Louis Galesne

« Imaginez un groupe de joyeux drilles pastichant avec bonheur le style peplum, cher au cinéma italien, sur fond de pyramides en carton-pâte. Un spectacle complètement loufoque. A ne rater sous aucun prétexte. »


Télérama – 22-28/07/1995 – Emmanuelle Bouchez

« Grandiose : Royal de Luxe, décidement, porte bien son nom. »



Community – 25/02/1997

« The Royal de Luxe street theatre troupe production was so popular that Festival of Perth organisers convinced the troupe to stage five, instead of the usual three, performances on the Perth Esplanade. »

The Peplum