New show of the Saga of the Giants in Perth!

From 13 to 15 February 2015, the Little Giant and the Diver of the Royal de Luxe street theatre company will inaugurate the 2015 Perth International Festival with a new show on the occasion of the centenary of Anzac and supported by the State of Western Australia.

This show signed Jean-Luc Courcoult will pay tribute to the Australian and New Zealand soldiers of the Anzac Army Corps who enlisted in the First World War.

“Once upon a time in a Western desert,
A Little Giant fallen from the sky in one of these
communities in love with the stars and the earth,
trees, water.
One day, she found an old book full of love and
of grief, hope and lost battles. The Little Giant
then knew what she had to do.
With tears in her eyes, she climbed aboard her
boat and sailed across the sand to the big city…”

More information on the Perth Festival website.

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