Creation 1985 Parades

The barge parade on Toulouse’s boulevards

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Extract from a press article from La Dépêche - Le journal de Toulouse, 27/04/1985

No one knows why, but this is where the meeting must take place: the horse mounted by his diver (liaison officer) has searched every nook and cranny of the city, discreetly. Personified by a monstrous woman, reigning over a teeming crew, organised from the first to the navy orchestra (the group Johnny B.C. " who startled more than one, yesterday, on the 11 o'clock shots) for her only interview, the barge has been parading for two days and two nights on the boulevards. In the realistic treatment of myths and legends "life-size", the Royal de Luxe had probably never gone so far. With this constantly evolving "show", which is learning as it develops - it must be stressed that the actors are themselves launched into a crazy adventure, the outcome of which they do not necessarily evaluate - Le Royal de Luxe marks a decisive step in the search for another form of theatre. At this stage, the Royal is now in a position to "set the standard". Translated with (free version)

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