Creation 2009 Giants spectacular

The Berlin appointment

Berlin, Germany

"The Berlin appointment” is a creation presented from 1 to 4 October 2009 in Berlin, Germany, to open the festivities for the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Wall. Royal de Luxe was invited to the City at the request of the Berliner Festspiele, as part of the Spielzeit'Europa cultural season - 1.5 million spectators.

Long ago, Berlin was a swamp inhabited by Giants. They scattered large roots in the water which, over time, became trees which they cut down to make the trunks into stilts : a base for their homes. In one of them lived a Little Girl-Giant taken in by her uncle. As a gift, he gave her an incredible boat that travelled on land.

But one day, the Monsters of the Earth and water cut the city into two. One of the two pieces obtained was surrounded by walls. Thus, the Great Giant was separated from the Little Girl-Giant. His anger was so deep that he ran away through river and along the ocean floor in search of sleeping geysers under the sea. Many years elapsed before he found one.

Then he carried it under the walls of the city and brutally awoke it. The earth shook, the walls crumbled, a storm broke out under the Little Girl-Giant’s ship, smashing buildings, flinging tree roots.

When it all ended, the Great Giant came out of the river.

Near her boat, the Little Girl-Giant saw a trunk stamped ‘Lost Mail’. So, she decided to deliver the mail and join her uncle, the Great Giant.


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« Qui aurait pu l’enjamber ce mur qui séparait une ville et deux mondes, si ce n’est un géant ? Alors pour fêter le vingtième anniversaire de la chute du Mur, Berlin a choisi d’en inviter deux : ceux de la célèbre troupe de théâtre de rue Royal de Luxe […].  »

Le Monde - 04/10/200

« Le Scaphandrier et la Petite géante envoûtent Berlin. […] Jean-Marc Ayrault […] : ’Cette poésie, cette magie à chaque fois et ici, dans l’Histoire… C’est du théâtre de rue unique et inégalé. Royal de Luxe confirme que leur art est possible même dans une capitale comme Berlin.  »

Ouest-France - 05/10/2009

« Ces Géants sont un cadeau offert par la France.  »

20 Minutes - 06/10/2009

« […] this piece of theatre gave the community of the healed capital the permission to come out and play. It’s amazing what puppets can do.  »

The Guardian - 08/10/2009