The Bull Machin of Villeurbanne : the founding story

D-14 before discovering the company’s brand new creation: The Bull Machin of villeurbanne”!
In exclusivity, find below the founding story of the show, revealing some of the secrets of this out-of-the-ordinary show…


See you in Villeurbanne from the 23rd to the25th of September.


The Bull Machin of Villeurbanne

“This is the story of two dogs not lost to everyone, invited by the Mayor of Villeurbanne to participate in the greatest giant dog race that ever existed.
One is as fragile as a packet of spaghetti, the other is denser and clumsier than hundreds of anvils on a small plate.
Both of them know they need to face each other without being acquainted, to win the battle on Emile Zola Avenue.
They will run like crazy, for people and their families who watch from time to time the dogs alone on the sidewalks.
None of them are looking for victory, but they run for the lost affection in front of their eyes.
They catch up with boulevards.
Finally they will fly away in the mist of sidewalks caressed by people’s clogs.”

©Jean-Luc Courcoult, author-director, founder of Royal de Luxe

See you soon in Villeurbanne !