Fiat 500 Schoolboard

Monsieur Bourgogne has a new surprise for the pupils of the Bellevue schools. It is a Fiat 500 schoolboard, the little sister of his red car. It has the particularity of being covered with a green paint, identical to that of a school painting, which will allow the children of the nursery and elementary schools to draw and write freely with chalk. Of course, Mr Bourgogne has taken great care to send the children a letter to announce his arrival….







The Fiat 500 school blackboard will be installed in five-day periods in seven school groups in Bellevue :

– Alain Fournier (Nantes) from 10 to 14/02
– Bernadière (Saint-Herblain) from 2 to 6/03
– Sensive (Saint-Herblain) from 9 to 13/03
– Plessis-Cellier (Nantes) from 2 to 6/11
– Jean Zay (Nantes) from 23 to 27/03 and from 5 to 9/10
– Rabotière (Saint-Herblain) from 16 to 20/11
– Saint-Martin (Nantes) from 23 to 27/11


Listen to the story of the fiat 500 Schoolboard told by Jean-Luc Courcoult.