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The streetlamp with a knot

C'est un réverbère classique mais un nœud a été fait dans son pied
Can be seen on the Mendès-France place, Saint Herblain

On January 22nd of 2019, a lamppost with a knot appears on Winston Churchill avenue, near the Mendès-France square, the centre of the Bellevue neighbourhood. This permanence art piece is the first artistic proposal of the “Great Bellevue” project in which Royal de Luxe is invested from 2019 to 2023.

This project inserts itself and interacts with the urban renewal plan of this neighbourhood straddling Nantes and Saint-Herblain. It aims to install in Bellevue an artistic presence inspired by popular theatre to accompany the residents by bringing them a breath of poetry.

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« Deux amis qui ne vivent pas dans le quartier mais le fréquentent régulièrement, restent ébahis devant cette curiosité "Voir ça, ça remonte le moral. c'est comme quand on se rase la barbe, ce n'est pas grand chose mais ça change tout !" »

Ouest-France - 23/01/2019