Schoolboard Fiat 500, news of Mister Bourgogne

For information, at the beginning of May, Mr Bourgogne sent a letter to all Bellevue pupils in Nantes (Lucie Aubrac, Alain Fournier, Plessis Cellier and Jean Zay nursery and primary schools) and Saint-Herblain (La Bernardière, Rabotière and Sensive nursery and primary schools) whose school teachers were the messengers. Finally, and while waiting for new theatrical interventions, the tour of the “Fiat 500 school painting” will resume at the end of September for the pupils of the nursery and elementary schools of Jan Zay, La Rabotière, Plessis Cellier and Saint-Martin that have not yet had the chance to discover it and above all to engage in drawings and writings….. We will keep you  inform of the exact dates of the presence of the “Schoolboard Fiat 500” in these school groups at the beginning of September. All the information in the dedicated creation page.

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