Mémé Rodéo

« Mémé Rodéo is shopping on the market

Just as it would be possible to create an invisible character (or almost) like the old camper we can imagine another one, close to the people, who would go shopping from time to time on the Bellevue market.

Mémé Scooter every 2, 3 or 4 months goes to buy groceries on the marketplace on Tuesdays or Fridays.

She’s also simply friendly, we could see her going around in the neighbourhood (here and there on the territory of “Bellevue the great”) before coming to do her shopping.

She is a popular queen, thus, when she stops near the market, Lilliputians help her get through the stalls (before actually buying) some vegetables, fruits, meat or fish.

She looks very careful (at melons or radish, depending on the season) to be absolutely sure they are not fake!

This former princess chooses in the stands comestibles (depending on her mood of the day), immediately stored in bags carried by her two Lilliputians. Not only does she really buy, but she allows herself to discuss the sales price!

Based on this direction, where actions would of course be treated differently, we could with time introduce a touching and generous, yet mysterious character.

In the long run this character could be anchored in the collective dream of the inhabitants.
Once assimilated, other imaginary actions could see the light of day. »

©Jean-Luc Courcoult, Director, Author, Founder of Royal de Luxe


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